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I'm Umi and this is my TCG trade post. I'm happy to trade, but I ask that you respect the rules that I've listed below.

They're more like guidelines anyway. +1 internets to the person that doesn't know where that's << from...

Trading Guidelines / Umi Rant

I promise I'm not some ogre, but there are reason I feel I need to make theses rules -er, guidelines...

Please be patient when requesting trades. Sometimes I'm on often, but in fact, I do actually have other things going on besides TCGs.

I will only trade things on the keeping page for collecting cards. I'm not trying to be greedy, but it's kinda hard to collect something if you keep trading it away. I occasionally make exceptions, but I need to have a damn good reason.

Please practice good etiquite/manners. I'm all about the golden rule. If you'd like to be treated niceley, I would hope you would be compelled to act in the same manner. Reading the rules, Please and Thank You go a long way.

If I've just obliged your trade request and we've completed the trade, please let me know in some fashion (like a quick got 'em or thanks in the forum). I don't typically post a trade as completed until the other person posts the cards I've traded them. It's a pain in the ass to have to go check someone's trade log just to know if a trade is done. Not to mention it makes the other person feel like a means to an end instead of a fellow trader.

I would love it if you'd request your trades in the forums. I've become lazy and sick of getting form spam. It's also easier to not miss a trade. If you are uncomfortable with using the forums, you can still use good old fashined email. I promise I'm actually very nice.

Thank you for reading! <3 Umi


August 27, 2012:
It's alive!! Route-L is back in service. I've had a very difficult patch of life that I'm just coming out of. I've missed messing around with my domains, as well as playing TCGs. I'm finally of a mind to start back up again. As such I'm coming back from my long hiatus. Here's hoping for a good run!